Vulcan Hair for Ladies of All Ages

Vulcan Hair for Ladies

Hair for your Vulcan ladies aged toddler to elder. It’s animated and comes in eight of Pooklet’s naturals – binned and familied, of course.

Base Game Only (base-game) compatible, mesh by me (NixNivis) included.

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 photo SAnglaV3b_zpsa0a69efd.png

S’Angla, cha’Sotan heh T’Ria (child of Sotan and T’Ria) hei-Duveh (of the House Duveh), is an officer in Starfleet. Originally created as a role-playing supporting character over seven years ago, S’Angla has gone through many changes. She is currently a Lieutenant, and the Transporter Chief on the USS Kestrel over at SimTrek 2 Boldly Go.

Created as a sim four years ago, this is the third and final version of S’Angla. She has undergone some tweaking, along with receiving her Vulcan ears. I’m pretty happy with her now, so please try not to change her too much in your game, I would appreciate it. I hope you enjoy her. 😀

She is Base Game Only compatible.

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Vulcan Meditation Lamp

Vulcan Meditation Lamp by NixNivis

Category: Lighting -> Misc.
Cost: $150
Poly Count: 598 polys, 416 vertices
EPs Required: Base Game Only (i.e. base-game compatible)

My Vulcan Sims thought it was illogical to meditate without a proper meditation lamp – you know, like the one Tuvok has on Star Trek: Voyager. Now, we can’t have Vulcans who won’t meditate, so I thought it best to make them a meditation lamp before they lost all emotional control. 😛

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Agent Savin

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Agent Savin (pronounced Say-vin) is a V’Shar agent, a Vulcan of incredible mental abilities, discipline and grace. She can easily pass for a member of any number of humanoid species, and in her 47-year career with V’Shar she has been a part of many deep-cover operations.

The sim herself is Base Game Only (base game) compatible.  But her shirt is a recolor of aNightlifemesh. Continue reading