Vulcan Hair for Ladies of All Ages

Vulcan Hair for Ladies

Hair for your Vulcan ladies aged toddler to elder. It’s animated and comes in eight of Pooklet’s naturals – binned and familied, of course.

Base Game Only (base-game) compatible, mesh by me (NixNivis) included.

I’ve only made black and brown recolours for this hair – blond and red hairs just don’t seem Vulcan to me. Now, without blonds and reds, if I had done the usual four Pooklet families each family would have been made up of only two hairs, and that seemed a little silly to me. So instead I’ve divided the hairs into two families, each consisting of one black and three browns:

Note that Shrapnel and Land Mine are binned as brown, not as black.

Since each family has more than one brown, you might not automatically get the brown shade you want if you change your Sim’s hair colour from black to brown – but all six browns are grouped together, so you’ll still find “your” shade in the immediate vicinity. The tooltips clearly say which shade is which, in case you can’t tell them apart just by looking at them.

Elders go Mail Bomb, but while all the hairs have a grey, in CAS/Bodyshop it’s only visible for Dynamite. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t need to see eight identical greys for the same hair. πŸ˜‰


Again, this hair is Base Game Only (base-game) compatible and for all ages. The mesh is by me and is included.



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